“I had a hard time tracking my Stripe transactions and subscriptions”

Mark Tenney, CEO of Digital Church
July 6, 2021

Digital Church

How was life without CashNotify?

Before I found CashNotify, I had a hard time tracking my Stripe transactions and subscriptions. I didn't want emails every time something happened, but I also wanted to know when I had new subscriptions or failed payments.

How does CashNotify help you?

CashNotify makes it easy to check in and see all my Stripe activity, across all my accounts, with a simple click. It's so nice to have immediate access to my Stripe information in real time without having to clutter my email inbox with notifications.

What is your favorite feature?

I love the Month-to-Date feature that was added some time ago. I've been using CashNotify for a long time, and when that was added, it was a great improvement.


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