No new database “in the cloud”. Your data stays on your computer.


CashNotify uses your API keys to fetch data through PayPal and Stripe’s API.

The requests are sent by your computer directly to Stripe’s servers using Stripe’s official Node.js library over HTTPS.

The data comes straight from Stripe or PayPal to your computer. It does not go through any intermediate server operated by the CashNotify team.

We're a Stripe Verified Partner

API keys storage

Your Stripe API keys are saved on your computer, encrypted in your Keychain.

That’s where macOS and Windows store sensitive information like email and wifi passwords. CashNotify only has the rights to access what it has created.

macOS keychain authorization message

Data storage

Your financial data does not leave your computer. Unlike with a SaaS web app, there is no central database hosting your data.

It guarantees that your transactions remain confidential. It also removes a large potential point of failure regarding security threats.

Actually, the only server we have is for this marketing website. That’s the beauty of a desktop app!

Other features

CashNotify is not only secure, it’s packed with useful features!

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