Getting Started

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First, make sure you have installed CashNotify, then registered your license.

How CashNotify works

CashNotify uses Stripe’s or PayPal’s API keys to fetch relevant data from your accounts, and display them directly within the app. This allows CashNotify to connect directly to Stripe or PayPal, without involving any other server.

Getting started with CashNotify

When you first launch CashNotify, it will ask for your Stripe or PayPal credentials:

Getting your API keys

If you already have a Stripe or PayPal account, click Configure accounts to set it up. Then you’ll need to get your API keys:

Using our Demo accounts

If you do not already have a Stripe or PayPal account, you can use our Demo accounts to see how CashNotify works. Click Add demo accounts to set them up automatically.

Got any questions? We’re just an email away! :)