Always striving for the next big thing? Remember to enjoy success along the way

Do you truly celebrate your achievemebts? Or do you tend to just blow right past them and move on to the next goal?

Living in a perpetual state of focusing on the future, we can often fail to live in the moment and to fully embrace the success we achieve, as it happens. 

The glossy facade of social media showcases the life highlight's of others 24/7 and many of us become hardwired to constantly strive for the next big thing, often bypassing each small win as they’re made. 

So how can we as women ensure we turn the tide and take practical action to pause and enjoy our success? 

Breaking down social constructs 

Kris Plachy, an accomplished coach, on her How to Truly Celebrate Business Success podcast says: “The world of leading business success has been dominated by men – and that’s not to take away from the men – and women are trying to find their footing here.”

Highlighting that women are finding the pulls of so many roles, Kris explains that when wins happen - whether financially, exposure with a business, or with success of a product or service - it's often met with thoughts that we're not giving enough, sharing enough, or that we should be doing more, rather than simply acknowledging our win. 

That's the social constructs that we must work through so as to not indulge this self-effacing thinking, as that limits our ability to grow our businesses. If we don’t believe we’re worthy of our success, then how do we believe that we're worthy of amazing our employees and team members, explains Kris. 

Practical action to embrace success 

To help combat reluctance in acknowledging our own success, here are some practical actions. 

  • Find a private place to reflect 
    Kris advises that to think about our moments of magic, we should really sit with them and think why they didn’t affect us – is it a case of feeling unworthy of our success, feeling ashamed, or even feeling guilty?
  • Take better care of ourselves 
    Self-care can be used as a tool. “Use that tool to help think through what is really on your mind and remember that we create from feeling not from lists, a word or goal. We create from the feeling that comes from it,” suggests Kris. 
  • Create a vision board 
    Indulging our visions is a sure-fire way to feel amazing, explains Kris. “What makes you feel good to look at and really relish in – that’s where your magic is, and that’s the heart of how you want to be making decisions for your business. Get as many pictures and visuals as you want in front of you to hold that space for you. Because your dreams and what you want to create in this world is so important, worthy and meaningful – so let’s honor those.”

Trust in your own wisdom 

Kris Plachy

"Having the security and confidence to trust your own wisdom is key," suggests Kris. 

“This starts with you having the time to reflect and to honor your success and to get clear about what you want to take with you, what you want to leave behind, and what you want to start and begin.”

Kris concludes, "Sure, there are practical steps to follow, but if all you do is follow a recipe and you don’t feel yourself through that experience, it’s not the same thing. And as a woman who was blessed with this idea to create this work in the world, trust that."

Celebrating your success breeds more success

This is a brilliant podcast episode from Kris Plachy, listen to it here.

Kris Plachy podcast

How do you mark your success?

Don't forget to make space to celebrate your success and trust in your worth. 


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